Number of sttiches for a scarf?

Hi, i am a bigginer and it is my first time to knit a masculan scarf, i dont know how many stich do i have to cast on for a masculan svarf? Is niddle 8 appropriate?

Do you mean masculine? There is no specific number that makes a scarf masculine or feminine. The CO varies by yarn weight and design or pattern.
This is a free pattern from Purl Soho for a man’s scarf using US 8/ 5mm needles. You can follow the pattern or just garter stitch(all Knit) using the stitch count from the pattern and then keep going until it is long enough or you run low on yarn. You will need to use an Aran / Worsted weight yarn for this sized needle.
If you mean 8mm size needles, this is usually used with superchunky/superbulky weight yarn and you will need to begin with a lot less stitches than in the above pattern.
Then, there is also the old UK size 8 needles or 4mm / US6 which is usually used with DK/8ply weight yarn and would need much more stitches to begin with than the pattern above.
To be able to answer your question more accurately would need a lot more information than you have supplied, sorry!!
You need to find out which needle size you have to use the appropriate weight yarn and to work out how many stitches to cast on with(also depending on how wide a scarf you want to make)
Lots for you to think about but don’t be put off - everything new is confusing to begin with :grinning: