Number of stitches

43 stitches on my needle
1st row…no problem
2nd row…no problem
Translation of “Last two rows set 2x2 rib” to me means that the two rows I just knit sets up the 2x2 rib

The 2 x 2 rib doesn’t make sense to me as it doesn’t work for 43 stitches.

In 2nd row above…I just slipped the first stitch to my RH needle. Was I supposed to pass slip stitch over rather than just slip the stitch. HELP!!

Welcome to KH!
The ribbing is going to have a small stockinette edge at the cardigan opening in front. It’ll curl slightly and is part of the design.
There isn’t a decrease in the rib until you’ve finished the 6cm of ribbing. The slip stitch at the beginning of the 2nd row creates a nicer slip stitch edge.

What is the name of your pattern?

Thanks for your reply

So what you are saying is that the instructions should read at the end of the rib pattern is Knit 1 on both lines??

(On Row 1. Knit 3. Row 2 Knit 1)


The rib pattern is correct. Two by two rib is just as described.
In the actual pattern directions for the Left Front row 1, work 2x2 rib for the first 40sts then K3. On row 2 slip one, p2 and then continue in 2x2 rib. There’s nothing in the directions that specifies 2x2 rib throughout the lower edge.

What is the name of your pattern?

Thank you. It really didn’t seem clear in the instructions to me.
The pattern is a James C Brett one. I am not sure of the name. Have attached the picture.

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I can see where you would be confused. The edge treatment may be to help with picking up sts later for the buttonbands. Good looking cardigan! Have fun working it.

Appreciate your help. I am looking forward to working on this. Cheers!