Number of stitches to cast on

I have a pattern for a top down child’s sweater. The largest size is 3 in which cast on is 56 stitches. Any suggestion as to how many I should cast on for size 8?

The easiest thing would be to find a pattern for the size you want rather than trying to adjust one that is so far off. What type of pattern is it… pullover or cardigan? Roll neck and bands, ribbed neck and bands? What weight yarn are you using? If you have a link to the one you have so we can see it it would help.

If you don’t want a new pattern you’re really going to have to pretty much rewrite the one you’re doing. Do a gauge swatch, measure child or a favorite sweater that fits, figure out how many stitches per inch, etc.

If the toddler pattern is knit with thin yarn and small needles, you could take the numbers from it and heavier yarn and bigger needles and it [I]might[/I] be the right size. You’d have to figure your sts/inch and divide that into the number of stitches at the chest to see if it would be, then adjust for length if that works out.

But it probably isn’t, so here’s a couple more ideas.

The cast on for a top down is the neckline measurement, so find a tshirt or sweater with a similar neck to what you want and measure that. Then multiply that plus about an inch times your sts/inch and that should give you a fairly good idea how many to cast on.

The top down sweater pattern generator at can also make a pattern for you. Put in your gauge and the chest size of the finished sweater and it will spit out a pattern for you based on those numbers.