Number of Stitches on a neck line

Hi everyone,

Can anyone please help me understand the following bit of a pattern on a neckline?

patt2tog 1 times, patt 32, patt2tog, turn and leave rem st on a holder. 34 st. Work each side separately.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the patt2 together is just another way of decreasing with the pattern. I’m left with 34 stitches in which I have to work with.

I end up with 38 stitches on the other side, which when I work on the other side of the neckline, after the decrease, I’ll have 2 stitches too many?

Yes, patt2tog is a decrease in whatever pattern st you are doing.
Read through the rest of the pattern to make sure there isn’t a bind off of 2sts at the center neck. If not, you could “patt2tog 1 times, patt [B]33[/B], patt2tog, turn and leave rem st on a holder.” That way you would have 37sts on each side before the decreases. Depending on the pattern you could put in an extra decrease at the neckline or armhole in the following rows to get back to 34sts.