Number of stitches do not add up

I am knitting some baby socks. on Row 8 I have 51 stitches, as I should have according to the pattern. Then it says work 2 rows more without shaping (so still 51 stitches). Row 11 (the next row) says P11, k1, p3, 4 times, k1, p3, k1, p11. This does not add up to 51. P11, k1,p3 4 times adds up to 60 stitches, and P11 then 4 times k1, p3, is 27 stitches, then k1, p3, k1, p11 comes 43 stitches. It is a Sirdar Pattern (Snuggley baby crofter DK 4514). I have restarted 3 times now and it is driving me mad !! Any help gratefully received.

Hi and welcome!
Probably there are brackets or parentheses missing. This doesn’t work either but it’s closer to the correct pattern:
P11, (k1, p3) 4 times, k1, p3, k1, p11. That’s 43sts total. maybe there are 6 repeats of the sts in parentheses?

Hurray!! Thank you. I misread the () brackets for [] brackets, so it was (k1, p4) 4 times - I thought the (K1 P4) referred to the larger size!!
Sorted !!