Number of skeins needed?

I am going to make this hat:

The pattern calls for worsted weight dk yarn but doesn’t say how much. Should I guess this would be a one skein hat?


Well, if you read the “Materials” part carefully, you’ll see that it requires you to work with two strands held together…so you’ll have to either have two balls OR work it using a strand from the outside and a strand from the inside of the same ball…kind of a pain, but doable.

At 3 sts per inch on 10-1/2s, you could probably use a bulky weight yarn single-stranded as well.

Hope this helps some…hard to say whether one ball would do it if you’re pulling from the outside AND the inside…probably not. I would try checking some of the hundreds of other patterns out there of a similar nature (in gauge) and see what they require.