Number of increased stitches

Hi, I’m coming up with 71 sts after all the increases, but pattern says 73 sts…I’m losing 2 sts somewhere along the line, but can’t figure out where! Here are are instructions:

CO 51 sts. Purl 1 row on WS. Then work in pat st for 10 rows. [B]Inc row (RS) K1, M1, [/B](bold type is theirs), work pat to last st, M1, k1, Cont to inc sts each side (working inc sts in St st) and rep inc row every 8th row 10 times more. 73sts.

Can anyone see where I’m missing the other 2 sts?? Thank you!!
Happy Father’s Day!!

The pattern says to do the increase row so that’s 2sts and then to repeat the increase row 10 times more, that’s another 20sts for a total of 22sts increased over the 51 cast on.

I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand…2 sts increased for 10 rows is 20 sts, no?? I don’t see where you get 22!!

When do I start the increase row then? I thought I was starting it on row 11…the row after the 10 rows in pattern stitch.

Yes, that’s right. But they give you the direction for the increase row and then tell you “…rep inc row every 8th row 10 times [U]more[/U]. 73sts.” So you’ll be increasing for a total of 11 times (the first 2 and then the 20, for a total of 22).

Yes, increase right after the 10 rows of pattern st, on the next RS row.

Thank you very much for the explanation!! You are very kind to take the time to help me!! Linda:muah: