Number of inches in my pattern

I am attaching a screenshot to show you this hood/cowl I am knitting. Notice the pattern says knit the rib stitch for 12, which I assume means inches.

Now notice the next step when you change to pattern stitch for 15 inches. Now look at the photo. How can the rib stitches be 12 and the others 15 when the length of the rib looks so much longer? :thinking: I feel like it should be the other way around. Wanted to see if this looks right to you 'cause it doesn’t to me! I contacted the writer but haven’t received a reply.

What I’ll probably do is just try it on and make it the length I want.

The “in” after 12 and 15 indicates inches, I think.

12" for a ribbed turtleneck to fold makes sense but I don’t quite see how the rest of it works. Is it worked flat so it’s like a dickie? The picture looks like it’s all in the round. I wish pattern writers would use row and round appropriately in context.

Is the pattern online so you can link to it?

Are you measuring the cowl laid flat as in the photo or are you stretching out the height to measure? When I measure the photo, the rib is twice as long as the pattern stitch.
I like your idea of working the pattern stitch for the length the you would like regardless of the pattern measurements.

At this point I am working on the rib part and only have about 6 inches done. (after the episode with the Denise needle coming loose) It’s just that according to the first photo I sent, that hood part could not be longer than the ribbed neck part if you go by those measurements. The whole thing is done on circular needles and so far is very easy but I think the measurements will have to be done by putting it on, not the pattern measurements. ~Thanks!

Some of the issue with the picture is the angle at which it’s taken. I tried counting up the squares on the bedspread underneath and got the same number for the hood and the ribbing sections, even though it doesn’t look the same in the shot. Looking at the modeled item, I’d say they two sections are at least the same length.

In her blog post with the pattern, it specifically writes out to knit for 12 and 15 inches, so you are reading that correctly.

I think trying it on and making it the size you want should work fine. I couldn’t quite grasp how it was to be worn so thanks for the link.