Now what?

never knit before, but trying to learn via videos. all the videos i can find show how to cast on in various ways, and then how to continue whatever knit you are doing. nothing shows what you do with that first row to turn it into anything. (has this happened to anyone else or am i the first dummy to encounter this) anyways, if i cast on and then just try to knit from there its too tight against the needle to pry it off with the other needle, so i figured it wasnt supposed to be that tight. i pulled it all off and tried again a bit looser, still wasnt working right for me. is there some step that i am missing here?

also, maybe im not using the right needles, i have bamboo and metal, but was using the bamboo because i was told it was easier to learn on them.

anyone want to adopt me? be my mentor? hahaha

We all had to learn sometime so there are no dumb questions. :thumbsup: After you cast on put the needle with the stitches in your left hand and insert the empty needle into the first stitch, etc. To help you along go to the videos and view the demo of a small project.

If you need more help beyond the videos here’s another good site.

thanks, but how tight should i be putting the first “cast on” row onto the needle? pull it snug or leave it loose. this is where my issue lies, i cant wedge the second needle back in there.

looks like ive got it now. on my 3rd row! thanks soooo much for your help!

Yeah, it just takes practice. The cast on is often tight for new knitters. Keep practicing!:thumbsup:

Glad its working for you now…
Here is something I do: I put both needles together, and cast on on both of them, after I’m done I pull one out and knit :slight_smile: my mom taught me that :wink:

that sounds brilliant! i will try that tonight when i go at it again. decided that i like the metal needles better than the bamboo, the yarn doesnt slide on the bamboo and i have to pull each stitch off the left needle. got about 7 rows up last night and my left needle fell out, haha. i just kinda let it go. whoops! starting over starts again!