Now what?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this board and have been lurking around and reading some posts for a little while. I just learned how to knit a little less than a month ago. And now I have some questions.

What should I learn to do next? I learned to cast on/cast off and I learned the knit and purl stitch. So what is next? I am thinking increases and decreases, but then what is after that?

I really want to do some projects, my kids want me to make them hats, and I have seen some patterns but they are all knit in the round, should I go buy circular needles (I have 5mm bamboo straight needles), or is there a hat pattern that I can knit with the ones I have?

Thanks for answering my newB questions.

There are hat patts worked on straight ndls. Lots of choices at CO/BO, K/P and incs/decs encompasses a lot given all the diff COs there are, all the diff incs/decs. Acquaint yourself with when the different ones are used and why. Make small projects like hats, scarves, dishcloths, etc that incorporate all of the above. Or you could try a child’s sweater where you’d be using all of the above, do some shaping, perhaps some seaming. If you do various squares, or a variety of dishcloths, you can learn new techniques with each and them seam them tog for afghan/blanket.

Purchase, or check your local lib, for stitch dictionaries. Work on doing lots of diff st patterns.

Most likely you’ll eventually need/want circ ndls…as well as some dpns… but you have to decide if you want to purch the circs, as needed, for particular projects (which tends to get more spendy) or buy interchangeables (lots of related comments, reviews in the stickied thread).


Find something that you’d like to knit–then learn as you go. You’ve really got nothing to lose and everything to gain. We don’t work with marble here–yarn pulls out.:teehee: