Now this would be fun

I was looking at (local Seattle news on the internet) and found this…

Stitch-n-Pitch Comes To Safeco Field

followed by an article that says it is going on tonight and they expect 1500 knitters!

Now that would be a sight to see!

who won’t be attending!

OMG! That would be a BLAST!

:mrgreen: [size=2]<-- that’s me, green with envy, because my brother has season tickets at Safeco field.[/size]

I saw that, too - and was so jealous that we don’t have that in Philly… I would actually go to a baseball game (which I find about as thrilling as watching paint dry…) My DH keeps trying to talk me into going with him … I told him sure, if I could bring my knittting… oddly enough, he hasn’t asked me again :roflhard: And he refused to let me take it with when we went to Pocono Raceway last month… he’s a spoilsport :XX:


I’d just be happy to live where you live!!! I love it back there!


I just moved here from FL - I am soooo in love… :inlove:
Beautiful scenery, great neighborhoods, only a few hours away from anything you could possibly want to do, from Broadway to the board walk…
DH was born here, but we only had to visit once for me to fall in love with it. When he suggested moving up here, I told him he was crazy ( mostly cuz we went from “maybe we’ll move” to “we should move” to “Honey, I put in my notice, let’s sell the house and go” in the span of 2 weeks!!!) but I would go along with his insanity… Glad I did!

Rebecca…how funny…I am leaving Baltimore County, MD to go back to Florida. When you get a moment, go to the Plain n’ Fancy restaurant. My advice, go HUNGRY!!! Ton’s of food, but so yummy!! I love Lancaster! And if you have not been yet, Hershey is by far the CLEANEST amusement park around. Enjoy PA!!

I think us Illinoisans should start harassing Wrigley to do the same! Im suggesting Wrigley instead of Comiskey because Im imagining there might be more knitters on the North side…we could always harass BOTH!

This reminds me of a funny story…did everyone roll their eyes and leave the room? Okay…here it goes:

My Exec Director (Dennis, my boss) and Director of Development (Kevin) are like big brothers to me. Not in a “constanly-watched-and-communicated-with-through-my-television” kind of way…more like a “c’mon-kid-let’s-go-down-to-the-creek-and-catch-frogs-together” way. They are both big baseball fans, and were DISGUSTED that I know nothing about baseball and hadnt been to a game since high school.

SO - Dennis and I took Kevin to a White Sox game for his birthday. We had total nose-bleed seats, I mean in the VERY LAST row…there was a WALL behind our seats. BUT, they were on the first base line, so we could still see everything.

I sat in between them, and they started infusing me with all kinds of baseball jargon, lingo and general vocabulary. I tried to be a good student! REALLY I did! My boss even bought me an ice cream! :mrgreen:

It wasnt long before I noticed there were several American Kestrels (“Sparrow Hawks”) flying around the open top of Comiskey. Kestrels are BEAUTIFUL small falcons. SO, I excitedly pointed this out to my friends!

The LOOK that I got! :?eyebrow: :? :expressionless: And, if you can imagine Tom Hanks from “A League of Their Own”…


I shut up about the Kestrels and watched the game. :shifty:

I haven’t been to Hershey Park, but DH did take me to Chocolate World for Mom’s Day :drooling: :drooling: :drooling: We haven’t been to Plain and Fancy yet, or the Good and Plenty - I keep bugging, but he’s addicted to this Japanese/Chinese/Mongolian buffet on Rt 30…
Have fun in FL! My family loves it there, but I never acclimated - I’m just and Up North kind of girl - I like having actual seasons, not just hot, hotter, still hot and tourist season!

:roflhard: I would so be doing that, too!!
The AAA (or AA, I’m not sure which) league just came to Lancaster, they have a great new field and everything, and are running all sorts of promos to get people interested in the team… I emailed them the article about Safeco field, let’s see if they decide to do it… I think it’d be great!

Shady Maple.

Please tell me you’ve gone to Shady Maple up there in Lancaster…

Shady Maple. Please tell me you’ve been to Shady Maple in Lancaster.

No, not yet… It’s on my list, tho, I swear!!!
There are so many restaurants around here that my DH and I, as much as we love to eat out, haven’t been to half of the ones we want …
and everything is buffet!!! How cool is that?! I have a picky picky 2 yo who won’t eat anything but fruit, vegetables, french fries and (only McD’s!!) chicken nuggets and a 5 yr old that eats like he’s 16… buffets rule.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

i did. :rollseyes: