Now this I just have to share!

You all know how I knit my mom that bag for her birthday. Well, my aunt just posted some pics from Sunday on our family site.

You can see I will have to knit my niece a purse or two in the near future!


Thanks KK! Jenna’s birthday is in July and I think I’m going to make her a lined purse but with an i-cord instead…never done one of those…lol.

Oh, and she’s totally in love with elmo!! Maybe I can try to find some elmo fabric…

Those pics are soooo cute.

Jivewhistle said:

Jenna’s birthday is in July and I think I’m going to make her a lined purse but with an i-cord instead…never done one of those.

She would love it. And doesn’t everyone love Elmo?!?!?
The i-cord videos seems to make it look easy,but doesn’t Amy make everthing easy. I’m gonna give an i-cord a try after my hat project.

OH! You should make her a purse that LOOKS like Elmo! Make it out of whatever red yarn, and hold a strand of red fun fur with it!!! Give it an orange I-cord strap like Elmo’s nose!! :cheering:

oooohhhh Kelly that is a great idea! :thumbsup: Nice thinkin’

Oh Kelly I LOVE your idea!!

Ya, I’ve never even watched the i-cord video…so I guess it’s good her birthday isn’t until July…lol.

You should check out the video. It seems really simple. 3 sts a couple DPNs and your good to go.

:happydance: :happydance: jive…u sure did a great job…whole fam included…i love kellyk’s ideas about the purse, too!! And…u won’t have any trouble with the i cord…u’ll catch on in a snap!!
good job again! :cheering: :cheering:


Great purse! Was it hard to put in a lining? I :heart: Kelly’s idea re: an
Elmo purse! Icord sounded complicated to me reading about it, but was VERY easy when I actually tried it (for straps on a knitted backpack). I really like the look of icord, too. I actually bought cording for the backpack because I was afraid I couldn’t figure out icord, and thought it would take forever to make enough for the backpack. Actually, it worked up very fast and looked much better than what I purchased!


Thanks Holly,

The lining was definately the toughest part, mainly because I suck at sewing. It took me forever to pin my fabric together and sew the sides…then put the lining in the bag. I had ironed the top of the fabric after I folded it over a 1/4 inch and then sewed the lining in. I think it will just take some practice. I might invest in a mini sewing machine eventually or even buy a used sewing machine one day. You can find them in the paper pretty cheap. I would like to use a machine for everything except the top part because I’ve heard it looks neater if you hand stitch it.

I’m just working on my first i-cord for a booga bag, using 5 stitches. The pattern called for 10.5 circular needle and 10.5 dpns, which I don’t have, and it seemed the dpns were really only to be used for the i-cord, so I have been making it on the 10.5 circular and it’s going AWESOME. It makes it so easy, I just slide the whole thing over to the other side of the circular and keep going.

Oh, thats good to hear Knitqueen! I do not own ANY dpn’s yet. I hope to make some eventually. But I will have the Boye set soon (yay!) so I’ll be doing the i-cord like that as well.

Good luck on the booga bag! Can’t wait to see pics.


Aww, accessorizing already. What a great girl!

Nice purse Jive!! :cheering:

I’ve not done this, but it seems that you could also make icord using just the tips of your interchangeable needles; use them just like the DPN’s in the video. You’d be knitting off the end that is threaded; since it’s tapered down, seems like it wouldn’t be hard to knit from. If it worked, it would be faster than sliding all the way down a cable needle. …just a thought.

Can’t wait to see the Elmo bag! :smiley:

yay jive! looks great!