Now That's A BIG Dog!

WOW!! :thud:

:passedout: He is a big one!

Side note… many years ago DH and I were taking a trip up to Whitney Portals and we stopped at the store there. Before we got out of the car we could see something big and black by the door to the store. It really looked like a bear and it was in the mountains so… Turns out it was a Newfoundland like the one in that story. I bet he scared away a few customers!

LOL! I bet he did!!

ooooooh! I just love BIG dogs!:muah:

He’s gorgeous! I sure hope he’ housetrained…:teehee:

:roflhard: No doubt, what a mess that would be!!

Wow is right! We had an English Mastiff (Hogan) that was just 32" at the shoulder, and let me just say this: several times he absconded with cooling burritos on the kitchen island! He didn’t jump up, he just reached over!

Thanks for the link, Demonica! Cool photo and story!

[B][SIZE=“4”]BOW WOW!!! [/SIZE][/B] Bet he loves leftovers, too!:whistle:

One of the homes I work in had an all black Newfoundland visit. She stayed outside. People would cross the street when they walked by. She’s a real water rescue dog, but her owner added that it helps if you have a hot dog in your pocket. :teehee: She’s very sweet. [U]Thick[/U] fur & webbed feet.

This is very interesting, I didn’t realize they had web feet or were water loving dogs…:thumbsup:

I love big dogs…but they don’t last so long…a big dog is only predicted to live 6 - 7 years…That would break my heart!

Just saw on TV this morning an episode of Dog Tales?? where there was a center for troubled children and they had a Newfoundland. He was a big dog. A lady who worked there knew a dog would be great for the children but the dog couldn’t stay at the center. So she got him and took him to work with her everyday.The children loved him.

Ah yes! I LOVE the big 'uns.

Newfies are the sweetest dogs too.

It’s interesting that they chose such a big dog. It could certainly handle any rough treatment the more problematic ones might dish out tho.

I :heart: big dogs. I want a great dane sooooo bad. We have a therapy dog at work that is about 160lbs and he’s such a teddy bear. If I sit on the floor to say HI to him he will literally turn around to sit in my lap

My neighbor had two Great Danes and one died recently of old age. The other one is also aging so they got two puppies. HOLY COW! They are only 4 mos old and they are almost the size of Labs! :zombie: Really cute though!

vaknitter - I saw a thing on tv that said that Great Danes are just big lap dogs. So sweet & affectionate.