Now married - Updates in first post


We are now Mr and Mrs Q :heart:


Well, we met with the pastor today and we’re getting married next week. January 18th at 9:30 am :heart:


So, updates. It’s a three year transfer and yes, he wants me to go with him. He proposed to me Saturday night :woot:

Our mothers are already planning, plotting and possibly scheming a wedding O_O. They are resourceful ladies hahahahahaha.

Happy New Year to all!!

My boyfriend’s in the Air Force. Has been in for about 8-9 years.

Last night he calls me and tells me that there’s a big chance that they’re gonna transfer him in September 2008.

To Okinawa :shock:

So I might be moving in the very near future. Kinda shocked, kinda scared, kind of excited too. It’s a big oportunity.

Wow! That would be quite a change. Keep us posted on your decision-making.
good luck!

Moving is always scary/exciting/horrible/wonderful! Think of it as an adventure and you’ll be fine! Let us know what happens.

I think that sounds – like – WOW!!! How cool is that??? :cheering:

And I thought living in Miami was cool…:teehee:. Now that was an adventure! Glad I had the opportunity…glad I’m not there anymore. :wink:

Too cool… your gonna be one of those people that can say… “ahh, yes, I remember when I lived in Okinawa and…”:thumbsup: I am so jealous.

I have family stationed in Okinawa–it’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful.

List of things you have to do:

  1. Find a way there (I’m presuming marriage is in the works so the military can pay for your move?)

  2. Learn Japanese. While you can sort of get around not learning it, your life will be SO much easier if you do have at least a grasp of how the language works and some knowledge of hiragana/katakana (written language) Look at your community college. Our uni offers an intensive class each summer.

  3. Learn to read Japanese knitting patterns. It is totally different! Drives me up the wall trying to make it all make sense. But it’s important, right? :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, marriage is probably in the way.
I’ve always wanted to travel more, so this is one heck of a chance.
And I’ve already bought a couple of Japanese courses to at least get a smathering of it.
There’s a university on base that has Japanese classes too, it’ll help.

My daughter and son in law (he’s in the Marine’s 13 years and 3 children just got stationed there in July.
One word of advise, make sure that he gets a good welcome person. I can’t think of what they are really called…aggh…it will come to me later, but each family has another person/family that welcomes and show’s them around, helps with getting settled in, things like that. The person that was suppose to do that for my daughter was no help at all…but, she has a friend there that they were stationed with on Camp Pendleton that helped them out big time.
What an adventure, have fun!
P.S. I know it’s 10 months away, but I will give you my daughter’s contact info and she is the type that would love to help you out when you get there, if you like! Just a thought!

Good luck with desicion making process! My Dad was in the Air Force and a lot of our family friends were stationed in Okinawa. They all loved it!

Congratulations !! and coming from a military background I second the person who said get married before the move so that the military pays your travel, housing and you don’t have to worry about medical insurance etc. 36yrs ago my parents got engaged and married within 33 days for that very reason.

Jen17: A sponsor? I know that the email they sent him said something about that.
And thank you very much for the contact :slight_smile:

There’s a group on Ravelry for Military spouses and there’s a couple of them who’re at Okinawa or were there at some point. I’m going to get information from them too.

Much planning much planning!!

“Sponsor” that’s what it was, lol!!

What an opportunity you have got. Keep us posted.

:happydance: How exciting!!


First post edited for updates.



Sounds exciting. Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :slight_smile: My uncle lived in Okinawa for a while and he really liked it… but that was years ago…

Congratulations! Wow, a whole new exciting life awaits you! Great way to start the New Year!!!:happydance: