Now I've done it

Since I browse the internet throughout the day while at work, today I landed on a website for a yarn store about two hours north of me. A short time later, I was on the phone reserving space in a class the Saturday after Thanksgiving for knitting a mobius basket, taught by Cat Bordhi. I have looked at her book several times, but have never purchased it, but I figured this is a grand way to start my vacation…I can hardly wait! I just love the hats and bags she has designed.

pat…is it November 26th yet???

Cat Bordhi HERSELF is teaching the class?? HOW VERY COOL! Cant wait to hear all about it! I wonder how many will be in the class…

YES SHE IS!!! I asked the class size when I called and the woman told me it will be 12 at the most, and I was #7. Of course, at the price of the class (which lasts six hours) x 12, she will make a pretty penny!

I was kicking myself just yesterday because they are having a yarn/knitting convention in Seattle next spring and she is teaching three classes there, but they were already all full. I think the price of this one will be worth it for such a small class, because I’m sure that the ones at the convention would be quite large.

pat…is it November 26 yet???

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Very very good for you! That sounds like so much fun!

What convention!?!?! I’m in Portland, I can drive up there or take a train. Got a website?

I have it written down at work and will try my best to post it here tomorrow!!!

pat…still waiting for November 26!!!

The convention webpage is and runs from 4/28-30, 2006. There are bunches of classes listed, along w/the vendors that will be there.