Now its my turn to stalk the mailman

I hate hate hate waiting… I am such an impatient person. I just won a set of Boys Interchangeables from EBAY (for 34.00) and I cant wait to try them out. I was hoping that they would be here today, but sadly I think I am going to have to wait until Monday or maybe even Tuesday… ugh!!!

How will I ever make it through? I do have a set of Denise’s, but I really really wanted to use the Boye’s this weekend.

Maybe I will just have to go buy some new yarn or something to cheer myself up :slight_smile:


I know how you feel. I’ll be stalking my mailman next week. I bought 15 skeins (3300 yards) of a wool/mohair blend today for $26! :happydance:

Hey… when you get the boye’s, let us know which you prefer (Denise or Boye) and why. :slight_smile:

that poor mailman is going to get a restraining order against us freaks :hiding:

Trish, if you have the Denise’s, what made you decide to buy the Boye’s? Is it because you wanted two sets of interchangeables, and decided to try one of each; or is it because you’re dissatisfied with your Denise’s; or is it because you needed the smaller sizes that the Denise’s don’t offer? :thinking:

My eyes are crossed and my head is spinning from trying to decide which set to go with. I was whining to my dh tonight about needing more needles, and then told him how I could save so much money in the long run by going with a set of interchangeables, then proceeded to explain to them how they work. As his eyes began to cross, he quickly urged me to just order them! I felt sorta bad about it, as we’ve agreed we need to count our pennies this month, since we just bought a new (used, but new to us) pick-up to pull our travel trailer, yesterday. Still, there are so many projects I’m wanting to try, hats mainly, that I need various circular’s for, and I’m not that patient of a person. :oops:

I’ve read all the threads of discussions of Boye’s verses Denise’s on here, and still, I’m undecided. :wall:

I waited for the FedX lady for a week. Every truck the came by i went to the door. Finally on Friday my laptop arrived.

Now i can go anywhere with my new laptop and connect to KH… :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I am SOOO a straight needle knitter! I’ve heard all about interchangables and they sound cool and all, but because I’m a fixed needle knitter, I just can’t knit on circs. Even DPN’s are a challenge!

But waiting for the post is just a nightmare! I’m always running down to the door and checking for post if I’ve ordered something!!

Hope they get to you soon :smiley:

Rennagayle, I will also be stalking the mailman soon…loL. I bought YarnMommy’s set of Boye’s (she’s buying some Denise’s). They were shipped out yesterday and I can’t wait!!!

I’m trying to figure out what project I want to do with them first. I might do another purse…or do a throw (which I really really want to do).

I chose the Boye’s because I really like the aluminum. The colors are awesome too, but that wasn’t my main reason. I might buy the Denise’s one day too if I can try them out first. I’ve heard awesome things about Addi’s and might buy a 16" one sometime.