Now I Think About It!

Yesterday I stopped into Hobby Lobby. Apparently , they mst be phasing out their Lion Brand Wool. They had about 20 skeins of 5 or 6 colors. Not enough of any one color to do what I wanted it for. I didn’tsee any more on the selves. Now today I can think of several items I’ve been wanting to make, like felted clogs, or a felted purse or bag. I hope they were just chaging out the older colors for newer ones, but their selection is getting smaller. Except for their brands.

It’s probably that new colors are coming out. I can’t see HL getting rid of a biggie seller like LB.

Like you I tend to remember too late what I might have used it for…the other side of the coin is buying stuff I don’t really need and I’m trying to reduce my small stash as it is.

Well HL has never carried Woolease worsted, only the T&Q and Chunky. They have a new I Love This Wool yarn that replaces it; quite a lot of skeins in various colors at my store.

It is confirmed, at my local store anyway. They will no longer carry Lion Brand 100% wool. They have replaced it with their “I Love This Wool”. They will also no longer carry Red Heart Sock Yarn in navy or black. My HL does carry the Woolease, which is worsted weight. I like it too. I just hate that less and less of the different brands are still available to me. There is precious little to pick from as it is. :frowning: