Now I need to split for the legs - help needed

Here’s what my instructions say:

Now we will split for the legs and crotch.
Place 40 stitches on stitch holder4 stitches on a double pointed needle,
40 stitches on your 12" needles, and the last 4 on a second double pointed
Work kitchener stitch on the double pointed needles for your crotch
Tie yarn onto right stitch of your 12" circulars and knit around for 48
rows. This will give you a basic rolled cuff

Now my questions. I don’t have any stitch holders. Is there anything else I can use for this purpose? And if so how do I transfer the stitches. Ok so once I get that done the pattern says to work kitchener stitch for the crotch but it doesent specify how much to stitch.

You can thread a piece of yarn with a tapestry needle through the stitches for the holder.

For the crotch, it looks like the four stitches on each dpn are the ones that get woven together.