Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Blanket

Does anyone know if this is a published pattern that is available somewhere? And if so, where it may be purchased? I’ve done some searching and am not finding anything.

While I realize the blankets are available to order, I’ve recently found out I have a new niece/nephew on the way and would like to make one myself for the new little one. Just think it would mean more if I made it myself. Thanks!

Hi!! This pattern is not available to my knowledge…my mom’s friend(crippled woman named Teri) made this pattern up and I am sorry but she is not willing to share the pattern not even with me:teehee: as it is the pattern she uses to sell her items and although she sent away for it approval for copyright did not come in yet. She has been crocheting since she was eight years old and has become quite good at it. She told me to recommend for you take a look at the caron ABC blanket as that pattern helped her to make the now I lay me down to sleep pattern. She told me you could do the same or perhaps something unique which will make it more personal. Ex. names or other message:wink:

Not a problem, I understand. Hope she gets her approval soon as she does great work with it!

Thanks for the info.

The “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” blanket appeared in a past issue of Crochet World magazine. I had that issue ( I crocheted the afghan first), but sent it to the author of the pattern when her own daughter threw out her only copy of it. She paid me for it by sending a copy of one of her new designs which hadn’t been published yet. I’ve lost touch with the designer, so don’t know if she’s still among us. Her name is Evelyn White.

I found it!! :cheering: I have this issue of Crochet World. This blanket won third prize in the design contest. It was designed by Evelyn Newman from Hurricane, WV. Sorry so long to respond, but it took a while to find the issue. This is a beautiful blanket and fun to do. I made it way back for my nephew (he is now 17).

She was a Newman then, but then either remarried or changed her last name to White.

The pattern she sent me in exchange was designed along the same theme, but the words say “Jesus Loves Me”. I made two of these and gave one away for a charity. I still have the other one for a guideline so I can make others. I’m not sure where I put that chart!

I would dearly love to have a copy of that pattern.

Try looking for this back issue of Crochet World (like maybe contact the publisher) because that’s the only way you’ll get it legally. Even if someone on this forum has it, they can’t just copy it and send it to you because that’s against copyright laws.

could you please sent it tome thanks maryanne

MaryAnne, that post is four years old and the person is no longer active in this forum.

Your best bet is to contact the publisher–especially since it’s [B]ILLEGAL[/B] to copy patterns and send them to someone else without first getting permission from the publisher.

I have had several people request this pattern.