Now I know I have a knitting problem - lol

Okay, I met a new friend today. :woot: We’re going to bond over knitting! She knows how to do some, but she says she’s willing to learn. I’ve been doing this for about a month, and now I’m going to teach somebody? :whoosh: This should be interesting. How’s that for addicted? lol

LOL that is great that you are teaching your new friend to knit! Just have her start with a simple scarf in a straight knit stitch, then progress to a purl and from there, you can learn together!

Have fun!

Yeah, I figured something easy. Heck, I’m still learning, myself! Showing somebody else something can only help it stick in my mind, right? Or is it those that can’t do - teach? :rofling: I KNOW that’s not true. Just look at all the lovely teachers on here!

I taught one of my friend’s to knit. She has done more than I have over the past few months. I told her husband that I created a yarn monster.

You say that like it’s a bad thing! :roflhard:

With many things, we learn more by teaching others. Have fun!


That sounds like fun! I wish I had a “knitting buddy” IRL!

:cheering: Sounds like fun! Maybe you each could learn a different technique and then teach it to each other! I don’t feel I know THAT much about knitting (after about a year), but I think I’m going to ask one of the 4-H moms if she would like me to teach her daughter’s 4-H group some knitting, I think it would be so much fun to do!

That’s cool, Sue! I wish I had a knitting friend. :verysad:

WTG!!! I think that you will both learn alot as you learn new techniques together…you can bounce ideas off of each other!

LOL, my sil wants me to teach her to knit this fall…I’ve given her my Art of Knitting 2 dvd so she can get a head start…I’ve got very little confidence in teaching…mostly, we just talk too much, I’m not sure that we will actually get much knitting done!!

THat’s fantastic! When she comes over to learn, just have the computer nearby…you can show her Amy’s videos as you show her in person. Being able to show someone a couple of different ways when teaching is very helpful since it seems different things “click” for different people.