*now* I get it

Or kinda, anyway. I couldn’t wrap my brain around why cable (?) needles are better (?) than straights. I watched a vid on knitpicks of a garter stitch scarf using cable needles and whoa, looks much less clunky than knitting with straights. My hands get tired holding up my really long straights currently. Plus, they’re too long to easily fit into my backpack/purse etc. I think the cable style would be easier to carry around/use?

I love love love my circular needles!!!

I just recently picked up straight needles to knit with again after 4 months and they feel ridiculously long lol. My friends and I are doing a scarf pass thing (you knit 10 inches of whatever yarn/color/pattern you want and pass it along to the next person to do the same… and you end up with a funky unique scarf) and everyone includes the needles they started the project on. I have to say circulars are just way easier for me than these clunkery straights :o)

Absolutely! They are much easier to carry around and you can push the work to the middle of the cord when you’re not working so stitches rarely fall of the needles. My hands hurt when using straights, not so with circular needles.

They are called ‘circular needles’. Cables or cords are the part in the center, but cable needles are used when making cables. They are various shapes from U shaped to just straight piece of wood/metal/whatever. I have straight wooden ones.

I’m fond of circs myself. They just make so much easier whether you’re knitting in the round or back and forth and need the extra room the cable between the ends provide. To be honest, I started a scarf recently on straights and ordered circs of the size I needed.

I can use Options to knit flat things, right? Pretty sure that’s what was demonstrated in the vid, though you still flip when you reach the last stitch, correct? I can’t wait to try them!!!

Circulars are easier on my hands. And alot less heavy since I can rest the work on my lap.

Flat knitting is just back and forth knitting. You can use circs for flat or round knitting, which is why everyone loves them. :inlove:

I get cramps in my thumbs kinda, knitting with these absurdly long, heavy metal needles, I’m excited to try something that won’t cause fatigue after like 10 minutes of use. :smiley:

You will LOVE them :o)

The nickle is rather slippery, but I learned that I prefer that to the bamboo I had been using.

Yeah I knitted with my now MIA wooden type needles and I didn’t much care for it. I like the slickness of the metal better, I think.

I have definately noticed that my hands get tired much more quickly if I work on striaghts. I don’t think I have touched straight needles for a year or more now. But the last time I was teaching a friend of mine how to knit I was working with her straights and my hands fatigued really quick.

I love my straights for narrow projects like scarfs and doll clothes. I only use 10" bamboo or Harmony straights which is a BIG DIFFERENCE from 14" metal needles :slight_smile: I find short straights on small projects much less “fiddily” than my Options … WHICH I DO LOVE !

While I have a rather limited supply of needles, I have found that I prefer the bamboo 10" straights for most of what I do. Which is mostly scarves. However, I do use circular metal ones for some things. I find that the yarn sometimes dictates which to use. I knit a fairly long scarf for my husband on bamboo and preferred them over the metal circs. Just my preference I guess. However - I am planning on getting some of those beautiful Harmony needles as soon as I am back to work. Knitting has saved my sanity for the last four months.