Now, about yarn

  1. Is there a place to buy Crystal Palace yarns online?

  2. If I am not able to find the exact brands of what I am looking for, is there a chart somewhere that would compare yarn types?

  3. I am TRYING to find the materials to make the Big Net oversized scarf/stole(help) :smiley:

Should find some places here. Happy shopping and knitting!

Or in-person shops, listed here.

i think it is likely that you are going to have to find the Big Net online. I haven’t found a Local store that had it available or even seemed to know what it was…makes me sad too cuz i love that stole…thankfully i have found plenty of stuff to do until i get around to ordering it from somewhere! :wink:

So far I have found the Big Net and the Glam in the colors I am looking for at “The Knitting Garden”.

I am still looking for Raggedy- 2181-ivory

OR I would change the color scheme if I knew which colors went together…

Oh well…I need time to work on my purl… :XX:


I was looking at the Big net oversized scarf/stole patterns and I want to try and knit that too, but it seems like the link for the instructions no longer exists. I hope you can help me out, if you have a copy of the instructions/know them? I will be very very grateful!

I think it was on the Crystal Palace yarns site - Look up the yarn and there should be patterns listed for it. If they’ve discontinued it though, it may no longer be available.

Great site. You can do advanced searches for weight, fiber content, texture, color, and brand.