Novita knitting pattern help for fist time sweater knitter

I’m working this Novita pattern knitting a sweater for my daughter. This is my first time knitting a sweater in about 40 years and without my knitting teacher. I’m doing large size so my armhole measures 22cm. How I miss my Mom, AKA, my knitting teacher. Can someone explain this please?

When the armhole measures 19(20)21(22)22(23) cm, leave the middle 40 sts on
hold for the neckline. Work one side of the neckline at a time. On every other row
bind off 1x10(11)11(12)12(13)sts, 3x9(10)11(12)13(14)sts at the shoulder; at the same
time on every other row bind off 3x2 sts at the neckline edge.

Welcome to the forum!
Maybe the large in the next to last size? You’ll be working on one shoulder after placing the center 40sts on hold.
Bind off 12sts at the armhole edge on row 1. Bind off 13sts at the armhole edge on rows 3,5 and 7.
Bind off 2 sts at the neck edge on rows 2,4 and 6.

Good of you to work a sweater without your Mom as backup. We’ll all be happy to try and help out.