Novita - Knitted baby booties.

Hi. Hope everyone is sound and safe
Can you please help me with a pattern I am knitting from Novita. It’s a knitted baby booties. I’m really confused and don’t have much experience on this.
I cast in 32 Sts and worked 28 rows in garter stitch
Then Purl 1 row on the next row K1, kfb, k18
Turn work, K8 Repeat - 16 times in total.
This I did with no problem. My confusion is when states to- Turn work. Using the right-hand needle, pick up and knit 8 stitches along the edge. I really don’t understand how to do this.
Then the next row Turn work K8 and continue knitting until 2 stitches remain. Kfb, K1

Please, please help. I’m trying to knit these booties for soon my grand baby to be. Thank you.

I found the original pattern:

I have read the Finnish instructions and this is what you are supposed to do:

First you knit 28 rows rows of garter with 32 stitches in each.

Then you purl a row (creating a two row stockinette section).

Then you knit one, do KFB and knit 18 stitch more. You are thus 21 (20 + one increase) stitches from the edge and 12 stitches are not knitted yet.

At this point the instructions tell you to turn your work and knit 8 stitches. Rather than that I would turn the work, slip first stitch and knit 7. This is repeated 16 times.

By slipping the first stitch you get 8 edge stitches that you can easily pick up. Along the edge you will have a column of V. Pick up one leg of each of those V (or every second if you did K8 rather than S1, K7) and knit them. You now have the original 12 stitches left, those that I mentioned earlier. Knit 10, do KFB, knit 1.

I will definitely try it. Thanks. Will let you know how it goes. Thank again.

Thank you @engblom for your response. I’m not very experienced reading knitting patterns, but I was able to figure this one out with your tips.

I used a DK weight yarn available in the US, but used US 4 needles (3.5 mm) to accomplish it and make it Newborn size.