Novice Knitter

Hello! I’m a novice knitter from Wisconsin, USA. I’m trying to find forum topics that address issues left handed knitters encounter. My current issue is with the slst1 k2tog psso , which leaves me with a large loops instead of a more uniform ridge. I think it may be a tension issue. I’ve been searching on line for videos and I seem to be doing the steps correctly. Is there a spot in this forum where stitch issues are discussed? Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the forum!

It does sound like you’re right, a tension problem. Is your tension even in general, say knitting plain stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row)?

One way is to switch decreases and try k3tog through the back loop. It’s sometimes more difficult if the sts are tight but it might work for you.

You might also try to tighten up the stitch that was passed over when you get to it on the next row. A gentle tug on a neighboring stitch to pull a little of the excess yarn out of it might be enough. Alternatively I wonder if working the k2tog through the back loop might put enough tension on the slipped stitch to neaten it up. I’ll have to give it a try myself.

Thank you so much. I will knit up some swatches and see if these methods work better. My tension is pretty even, but I think I pull tighter on two stitches knitted together. I have also tried schooling the stitches up closer to the end of the needle when I psso so as not to stretch it any further.

I don’t think that the psso whether a single dec or a double dec is ever quite as pretty as a k2tog. It does get better with wearing and washing however. The k2tog loosens up a bit and the psso seems to adjust and tighten. Blocking may help too.
Your knitting does look even.