Novice knitter throw pattern?

Started knitting a few months ago and I love it!! Looking for an easy throw pattern to make for gifts. Would like to use worsted weight yarn and have no experience with circular needles. Any ideas??

The circular needles can be used just the same as straight ones - when you get to the end of the row, turn and knit back over the stitches.

There’s lots of patterns at at and a few at

Did not know that straight could be used in place of circular that tip will help me search for a pattern! Thank you!

For a large throw, they don’t make straights long enough. Circulars hold about 2-3 times their length worth of stitches and it’s more comfortable with the sts on the cord than trying to balance the straight needles with the increasing weight of the knitting.

There are also pages of patterns on Ravelry for worsted weight throws.
Circular needles are really no big deal. Just work back and forth on them and let them take the weight of the throw stitches.

Here’s a video I made, showing how to do straight knitting with circular needles. Hope it helps!