Novice Knitter needs help with pattern

Hi Forum,
I’m a novice knitter, and I’m attempting to knit a simple eyelet pattern for my best friend’s new baby. (

I have a question about the eyelet part of the knitting pattern, with the Wrong Side instructions. Forgive me, but I’m a little confused by it.
In reading the instructions, I understand that the Wrong side of the eyelet part should be knitted in purl. But, does this mean that it is the purl version of the Right side?
For example, for Row 1, would one knit as follows:

Right side: k5, k4, k2tog, yo, repeat, end with K5

Wrong side: K5, p4, p2tog, p yo, repeat, end with K5

Or, is it that for the Wrong side, one should just purl knit all the stitches, with no eyelets?

Can you please clarify for me? I don’t want to start this bit and do it wrongly.

Welcome to KH!

The WS rows are just purled except for the borders which are garter stitch. So you’ll knit the borders on both sides and purl the center stitches.