Novice Knitter in Circular Knitting Chaos!

Hi, I’ve just joined the group today because I’m a new knitter and I’m stuck on a project. :wall:

I’m knitting a swimsuit cover in the round. I need to bind off some stitches to shape the arm holes, which is fine, but what happens to the stitch that is left over (the one you would usually feed the tail through to finish off)?

My second question is about using stitch holders. If I put 10 stitches on a holder for the strap, how do I knit past it?

These questions may seem silly, but please help. This is for my niece who’s going on vacation soon.

I cant answer your questions… but im sure someone will very shortly…I just wanted to say hi! and Welcome! and that this place is so full of kind and helpful people that youll have no problem getting help… and… no question is silly:)

I may be able to answer one of the questions though… The stitch that is left over from binding off a stitch, is like any other knit stitch… so if it says bind of three stitches, then continue to knit…do the bind off thing and once you have slipped off three stitches in the binding off process, just go on with the knitting… [wait for confirmation from another more experienced knitter before believing me though ehheheh]

Good luck! :cheering:

Thanks for replying so quickly. I know what you mean about the stitch that’s left after binding of the required number of stitches. It only became a problem when I needed to bind off the last 7 stitches in the round and start the new round with knitting 2 together. I’m flummoxed!

Well here’s what I’d do, knit (or purl, whatever your pattern calls for) those 10 stitches, then put them on the holder.

For binding off armhole shaping you have to BO at the beginning of the row only. So when the pattern says to BO on both ends, you’ll BO at the beginning of the first row, finish it to the end, then BO at the beginning of the next row. That’s the only way it works.