Novice baby cardigan

Hi guys

I’m a complete novice… i.e. I haven’t used (nor do I have any) double pointed needles or circular needles.

Is it possible to knit a baby cardigan using only straight needles? I’m ok for sewing up seams. I’ve read so many patterns but all seem to use DP needles :aww:


Usually it’s just the sleeves that need doing on DPNs because they are so small and usually done in the round. (Most people prefer in the round.) In place of DPNs you can also use 2 circs or magic loop. Both techniques are in the video section. Here’s a few easy ones that I think can be done flat.

Thanks for these!

I think I’ll try this one:

This one has crochet at the end, which I can’t do, otherwise it looks lovely!

You can do a sweater knitted flat. There are several patterns for that. Either knit from the back hem to the front, or knitting from cuff to cuff.

Here’s one knit cuff-to-cuff. Here’s one knit from back to front.

Either way, you just have to stitch up the side seam and down the sleeves (it’s one seam) on either side.

There are several other patterns out there that are the same premise, you just have to dig for them.

There’s another that’s called the 5 hour baby sweater, and/or Quick baby sweater. It’s knit from the top down raglan style and you can either knit the sleeves flat or in the round. Do a google search for both/either names and there should be several links; there’s some frou frou lace and bobble patterns, but a couple for boys that are either knit with a purl ridge or just in stockinette.

Thank you for the other 2 links… I’m off to check them out!!! :woohoo:

ETA: Ok the Fran’s Hooded Sweater - I started writing the pattern down and stopped, I can’t recall why atm… but something confused me in it (I told you I’m a novice)… I’m thinking I’m just gonna go for it and start knitting it…

If I get stuck… would it be ok if I come back and pester you lovely people again for help? I know you might be thinking “Ok, it’s an easy pattern”… but as I say, I’m new to all this, the most I’ve done so far is a knit/purl baby blankie and a knit baby hat. Sorry to be a pest!

Oh yes, do come back with questions… that’s how you learn.

you are not a pest always remember that we all started out learning just like you, I don’t think anyone was born knowing how to knit :knitting:

Have fun with you sweater and come back often

thanks guys. I haven’t started this one yet, but plan to today as it’s sooooooooooooooooo cold here, I’m gonna sit in front of the fire!!! has some cute baby cardis. Worked top down, flat, all in one piece. Really easy. Finish by seaming sides and sleeves. No dpns if you’re not up for that.


you are not a pest always remember that we all started out learning just like you, I don’t think anyone was born knowing how to knit

I do believe that ArtLady1981 was. She’s who I want to grow up to be. I :heart: her knitting!