NOVEMBER What'cha knitting?

Jan, I like the cable. Lots of pumpkins are knobby so it adds to the texture. Also a fine decoration for Thanksgiving which is fast approaching. Happy fall!

Oh my gosh I love the pumpkins! They turned out great!

It will definitely be worth it in the end. :slight_smile: It just feels like the end will never come! :laughing:

Thank you! :slight_smile: Was curious about the yarn because I’ve been looking for that sort of color for a project I’ve got in mind. I will definitely check out that brand and colorway.

@salmonmac @justlaura Thank you both! They were fun and fast with that bulky yarn!

They are really cute, is the leaf/stalk a giant Icord?

Were you addressing me? If so then the stem is a a giant iCord. I used the same bulky weight and cast on 4 stitches on the one on the far left and 5 stitches on the other two. I think I used US 8 needles for those. The curly cues are crocheted. Each one was done differently as I learned how they came out. There is a leaf with the pattern, but I’ve never been happy with it so I didn’t bother. I should try with this yarn though…

Haha, yes sorry Jan that was for you. Sorry if I seemed a bit abrupt before I forget sometimes that emotions/inflections don’t always come across in type!

No problem. :slight_smile:. Unless a person is tagged or mentioned by name it’s just hard to tell in long threads.

I’mknitting my 5th Azel Pullover, this is a large adult size.
Plan to crochet the next one. :^)

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OMG! Those pumpkins are TO DIE FOR! So clever, Jan in CA :slight_smile:

@knittingabrielle Thank you so much!

I’ve got 3 things going right now. One is a crocheted afghan for 1 granddaughter. She won’t appreciate it but I’m doing it anyway. Also have a sweater for myself and a sweater for a great-grandson. That won’t be appreciated either.

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Sound like wonderful projects. Perhaps they’ll be more appreciated as the granddaughter and great grandson get older. We’d love to see photos and you know, we really appreciate hand-knits and crochet!

I just got a new smart phone and haven’t figured out how to do the photo thing yet. I shall learn that soon and try to post some photos. Thanks! Both granddaughters are adults and the one is already the mother of one child. The other we will wait and see about. She is newly pregnant.

Aww, I hope they’ll come to appreciate their gifts. They all sound lovely. I’d love it if someone made me a sweater! :slight_smile:

Also keep in mind, if you get tired of your gifts not being appreciated, many hospitals, women’s shelters, and veterans organizations welcome donations of baby blankets, booties, slippers, and cold-weather clothing, if you need people to make things for.

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I live in a small town and would have to mail anything in. However , I am a member of Daughters of the American Revolution, and just gave them 10 Prayer shawls to use. I am slowly finding places to send things. I just thought baby things would be needed because thy have no money, and would need them. I was wrong, I guess.

@dknits I like to knit for charity, too. I make hats because they are usually quick and I experiment with design and color. I’ve donated to shelters, but this year I donated to cat rescue that was having a silent auction. If you like making baby hats, preemie garments or bereavement items local hospitals often accept things, too.

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I think I have a handle on the square in a square afghan which, I think, will be a long term project, Want to get to so many of my WIPS that have fed my guilt for so long. One is Churchmouse Classic - Welted Fingerless Gloves. Can’t even begin to tell how many other things are lurking in the spare room closet. I am on a self imposed ban on buying any new yarn. May try to figure out how to unload some of what I have,

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That’s really cute!
Just like the real one!:+1: