NOVEMBER What'cha knitting?

Happy November!

What are you working on now? Knitting, Crochet, whatever you are creating! It’s fun to see what people are up to!

Three things.

My husband’s Irish Walking Scarf continues apace. It’s eaten one skein of wool ease and is consuming the next.

Disliked the mittens so I started a new vintage pattern that came out way more successfully. Working on the left hand, now, in Patons Wool. Love the teensy cables!

And also making a scarf for myself in Madelinetosh Merino Light. Nurmilintu is the pattern for that.



I have 4 projects on the go, I am still knitting my hoody, am now about 1/3 up the front piece, and the ongoing (never ending!) squares for my throw. I have a double knit, fair isle hat on the go for a friends Christmas pressie, and I also have a door stopper for my mum on the go as well. 2 will be done by Christmas so hopefully can get my hoody done by January and then start something new, I might end up doing a D/K hat for myself - @notknittingknots did you have to by the pattern for yours?

It’s a free pattern on Ravelry called Stacked Triangles Double-Knit Cowl
by Tanya Today

As well as the cowl and cable jumper, I’m hoping to finish some long term wips like vanilla socks(one completed,t’other suffering 2nd sock syndrome) Mallow cardigan(half a front and sleeves to do) a pouffe cover using illusion knitted panels top and bottom(done) and the sides made up of squares (another 4/5 to do ) a shawl (only the edging to do,I frogged this one to take the beads out and have started again with larger needles for a looser fabric) and a 10 stitch twist blanket(it’s a lot bigger than this now and I’ve still got another 3 balls of yarn to go, it’s taking forever to go around :slight_smile: )

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Ooh! I do like these mitts and your Nurmilintu looks amazing :heart_eyes:

Oooh, like the new mittens and scarf, palabradot. The cables at the wrist band are a nice touch.

Wow, notknittingknows, those are exciting projects, each so different. All of them sound like they’re well on their way and all are looking beautiful. It looks like your kitty approves of the 10-stitch and can’t wait for it to be finished.

Evie, you are one busy knitter. I’m looking forward to seeing those finished projects. Lots of good ones in the works.

I love these “What’cha knitting” threads, they give me so much inspiration!

Right now, the major project I’m working on is a patchwork blanket made up of garter stitch squares sewn together. UGH I’m starting to really regret this one. The blanket is for a combination holiday/housewarming gift so it needs to be done by Christmas and I need a kick in the pants to get moving on it. I’ve done about 20 squares so far, but I’ll need at least twice that many to make it a usable size. In hindsight, I should have gone with some sort of simple lace pattern that didn’t require seaming. But because I’m still kind of a new knitter, I sometimes mess up lace and I wanted to go with something foolproof. Plus I don’t know much about the recipient’s color scheme so I need to use neutral colors, and the patchwork seemed a good way to make use of multiple hues without using stripes. Sorry to be long-winded, I needed to vent!

I’m also working on a simple drop-stitch scarf to donate to a charity auction. Should have that done soon.

And finally, in an effort to give myself a break from knitting all those garter stitch squares, I decided it was time to learn how to knit in the round. So I made a cowl.

And yeah, I twisted the heck out of the stitches, but the pattern is all rib and moss stitch, which means there’s no wrong side, so I went with it. My needles weren’t long enough and I got tired of trying to untwist everything at cast-on. Twist notwithstanding, I’m pretty proud of this. It’s the Royal Mile Cowl, and the yarn is Lion Brand Hometown USA in the color Napa Valley Pinot. I’m tempted to keep it, but I know I’ll never wear it, so it’ll get donated to the charity auction along with the scarf.

That’s all, for now. If you need me, I’ll be knitting squares. :joy:


Everything you posted looks beautiful!

I’m curious - what is the purple-y yarn in the photo of the cardigan? (I think it’s the cardigan - the one with the leaf pattern.)

Also, that was so nice of you to knit a blanket just for Kitty! Will you be knitting one for yourself as well?? :wink:

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Justlaura, cowl turned out really well. I love the pattern and the fact that it works on both sides.
Yes, those garter stitch squares: difficult to pull together but beautiful in the end. It’ll be worth and I hope we get to see it.

Thank you xx The cardigan yarn is Stylecraft Trendsetter Chunky in shade1686 Tudor Rose ( but my phone camera doesn’t give accurate picture colours - well! I’m blaming the camera anyway :smile_cat: ) and your right, I may well have to give in and let her ( the Boss Cat) have this one.She’s sleeping in it right now and her brother isn’t allowed anywhere near it lol
Your cowl looks beautiful and the colour is gorgeous :heart_eyes:
Good luck with your blanket

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@justlaura I feel your pain - I’m 14 squares into a 90 stitch square from a magazine - ugh! - but it’ll be worth it in the end I suppose :laughing:

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Yellow on the left is the jumper, white is a square for the throw and the dk hat is on the dpns.


Pumpkins are done! Just finished the final pumpkin! I threw in a cable every other rib. I like how it came out. Oh and weirdly the pumpkins look like they a line across them…it’s not the stitches it’s the color just happened to fall that way there. So weird!

Now, on to other projects!


They look great! Bit late now though, Hallowe’en was on Monday?

Depends on how you look at it. Since they don’t have jack o’ lantern faces they can just autumn pumpkins. That’s what I’m going with.

I might try one next year with a face.

I suppose, I forget that our customs are a little different - we don’t really ‘do’ Autumn over here!

Evie, the projects you’re working on look wonderful. Each is different which provides variety and interest. It’ll be fun to see the finished sweater, hat and blanket.