November 2019, Whatcha' Knitting?

Finishing up a project? Here’s a great place to post. We love to see what’s on your needles and what you’re planning to start as well.

I finally conquered my fear of knitting gloves !!


And did you ever! The cables on there are delicious!

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I’ll say you did. The gloves are beautiful from cables to color.

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Thank you, I really enjoyed making them :grinning:

Thank you salmonmac, it’s nice to be enjoying knitting again :smile:

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Wow. What beautiful gloves! Great job! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Jo x

Oh my! They are stunning! Almost gets my courage up to try!9

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Wow the gloves are beautiful. I have never made gloves before, it looks so hard. Your are so nice!!

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Thank you Daphnie x Give them a try - what’s the worst that can happen!!

Thank you alp x
I’ve tried many times over the years to make gloves but was always let down doing the fingers, it just wouldn’t click for me - until this pair!! I’m still over the moon lol
Give them a go, the pattern is very good, and it’s all just knit and purl at the end of the day :smiley: