November 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?


Into winter or summer knitting (depending on your hemisphere) yet? Show us what you have on the needles, please.


Tried so hard to finish this yesterday but those fringes took forever!! Never mind, it can go in here instead. I used this pattern and added a couple of changes: a hood, k3,P2 for the body, fringes done by hand into twists with a french knot to finish.


What a pretty, graceful jacket! I’ll bet the fringe took forever but it turned out so well.


Thank you salmonmac, I’m very happy with how it’s turned out - but that fringe was a real test for my patience!! :joy:


That is gorgeous!


Beautiful coat! Awesome work, as usual😉


I taught myself stranded colorwork a couple nights ago:) I swatched a Stranded Diamond pattern because I want to knit a few for Christmas presents! This is my swatch

Turns out, this swatch is useful as a headband lol


Thank you so much :blush:


Thank you x
I love your stranded swatch :blue_heart: It looks pretty perfect to me and makes a very stylish headband. I adore the colours in the variegated yarn


Beautifully done! Your work and colors are very pretty.


Thank you both!! Now I have to learn how to knit with dpns so I can actually knit the hat pattern that goes with this Stranded Diamonds pattern😁


I’m working on another Christmas present project: Appleseed Coasters from MDK Field Guide #8 featuring patterns from Thea Coleman


Take your time and I expect dpns will feel very awkward when you first try but just give it time and they will all start behaving for you.Remember you can use 2 circs or magic loop instead of dpns if it all feels really impossible but persevere is my advice. Good Luck :shamrock:


Lovely, very pretty for Christmas


Thank you for your encouragement!
I’m taking a class next week, at my lys, to learn more ways to knit in the round:) Came at a perfect time!!


There is no stopping you! The coasters are very nice and will make a wonderful present.
It took me quite a while to figure out that I needed bamboo dpns rather than metal ones. Now I love to use them for projects.


I am working on another blanket for my youngest grandson’s Christmas present. I am using Knit Picks Brava yarn in the colors Caution, Canary and Custard. He wanted yellow since it is his favorite color. I am using the same pattern I used in his dad’s retirement afghan.


Oooo, would luv to see a pic when completed;)


Sweater just completed and afghan, socks and hearts all ongoing projects. The hearts are such great little give aways


Oops. Socks were cut off in last photo.