November 2017 What'cha Knitting?

On to November already! Let’s see your finished projects and the ones in progress.

Grommit smaller


Heel flap. Hope to get it at least to the gusset and hopefully to the foot before infusion for a few hours mindless knitting.
Just got some yarn for 2 DK cabled hats from Fallingblox’s books yesterday.

Salmonmac, not liking the pattern’s increase method which leaves little holes,bottom of photo, I remembered your link for KFSB, top of photo. I’ll use your method for the rest of the body increases. Thank you again :smiley:

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I hope all goes well, Mike. I’m certainly looking forward to more of your Fallingblox hats.

Oh, good. I’m using it on my current project. I usually prefer knit left loop (KLL) or knit right loop (KRL) but those increases don’t work as well for this sweater.
Nice yarn, notknittingknots.

This Danish mitten pattern is free on Ravelry:


Wonderful gloves in beautiful colors! The pair is sure to be warm and comfy. I hope there’s a second glove on the needles because it’s getting chilly out there?
Thanks for the pattern link.

Thank you salmonmac. The second one is almost done. It snowed here today for the first time, so yes, just in time. You’re welcome. It is a well-written pattern.

Gussets ugh!! my least favourite part of sock making - the name even sounds like swearing :speak_no_evil:
Can’t wait to see your hats and your socks, but what’s Fallingblox?

It’s ok, I’ve googled it and WOW!!

He’s the moderator of the Ravelry Double Knitting group. He’s taken double knitting a bit further than 2 socks at once and reversible colorwork.
Double knitting and cables? I’m in.

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Gussets! I think that means 38 more rows to get into the foot and I have 8 days. I think I can do that.
I need to find my video, I could not remember my gusset pick up trick.
I just might get these done before it gets too cold.

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Do you use the pick up an extra stitch for the gusset and k2tog to avoid a hole trick?

Yes. One side was bad on the outside sock but I think now that I’m away from that it’s tightened up.

I used crochet hooks to pick up stitches before. Get the pick ups even across 2 hook shafts so I had the same number, then used the hooks to alternate picking the strands to a needle. But I could not get that to feel right.
Both sock’s pickups on one needle was a confusing mess.

Dated the progression. I guess fingering yarn isn’t as slow as it seemed if I focus working on them.


I’m in awe. When you consider that you’re making 2 at a time, amazing. Wonderful looking yarn, too.

Thanks. I don’t think I’ve linked the sides since the ribbing. Seeing which side the tiny stitches are on has been easy but dropped stitches have escaped my eyes a few times.

Counted rows, 21440 stitches in both legs to the heel flap. I expected more. It seems like an afghan’s worth of stitches.

Great progress, you got a maraton going!

getting there, the yoke and body flew along but making the sleeve yesterday nearly did for me - not looking forward to doing the second one today!! (probably why I’ve spent all morning on t’internet wasting time/putting it off for as long as possible :roll_eyes: )
Here goes then…


Another gorgeous project! Beautiful work, notknittingknots.
Are you picking up for the sleeves and knitting shoulder down or are these cuff up and then set in? I usually knit sleeves 2 at a time if they’re cuff up.