Novelty yarns

hihi :smiley:

I’m making a purse for my little sister, it’s supposed to look sort of like this (excuse my photoshop skills :slight_smile: ):

I was thinking of using some kind of fun novelty yarn for the chunk marked “?”. I was thinking maybe ‘fun fur’ but I have little knowledge of yarns and this is also the first time I attempt to mix two kinds. I was wondering, would the gauge be very different and make it look odd? What might be a better yarn to use? Do you have any tips you could share with a beginner?

thanks oodles :slight_smile:

Hi chanters,

What might work for you is to use the fun fur (or whatever novelty yarn) along with the main yarn you used in the body for that top portion. So you would hold one strand of the regular yarn and one of the fun fur together. That way it will be sturdy and you won’t have to worry too much about gauge.

Sounds like a cute idea for a purse!

:slight_smile: Hey Mer

You know, that sounds good to me :smiley: I’ll give it a go. Thanks :thumbsup:

*hurries to finish this off before X-mas :XX: *