Novels about Knitting

I recently started knitting and it’s all thanks to a book series I started reading and decided I wanted to knit and now I love it. So since you’re all knitters on here I figured I’d share the author and books with you for those times when you wanna put the needles down but still be involved with knitting. These books are just like any other chick book but with knitting run through the story as a backbone. The author is Heidi Betts and the series is called chicks with sticks. The first book is Tangled Up in Love, then Loves Me, Loves Me Knot, and Knock Me for a Loop. Also, just as a side note there’s been rumblings that they might get optioned for movies. Here’s a link to her site

Thanks, I hadn’t heard of her. Here’s some other posts about knitting novels if you would like some more. :wink: