Notre Dame scarf

I am working on a Notre Dame in embroidered scarf logo and there is a part of the pattern that I don’t understand if anyone can please help me understand it that will be great full here is the part I don’t understand its in parenthesis. (For 44 rows, knit across each row even. Then begin the embossed pattern over again from row 6 above.
Continue alternating the embossed pattern with the rows of garter stitch until the scarf is the desired length. Bind off knitwise, tuck ends into the edges of the scarf with a blunt needle.)

It looks like this pattern:

The idea is that you work the logo alternately with 44 rows of garter stitch. So you’ll have alternating panels of the logo and garter along the length of the scarf for however long you want to make it.
If you don’t like that and would like more logo panels or more garter stitch between, you can change it as you wish.
The one thing that occurs to me is that the logo will be upside down on the bind off end. You could avoid this by knitting two halves of the scarf and joining at the halfway point.

Or can I knit it in the opposite direction

Do you think can I knit it in the opposite direction

You can knit two halves. Cast on and knit to the half way length, then cast on again and repeat for the second half. You would then join the two halves and the logos would be oriented correctly.