Notre Dame hat

Since I made slippers for my dil and bought a tshirt for my grandson, I didn’t want to leave out my son. They are big Notre Dame fans, even live near the university so I hope he likes it. Duplicate stitch is not my best ability for sure especially with yarn so dark. I just hope he enjoys it.

Your son will love it! The hat is beaurifully done. Don’t be surprised if the ND bookstore calls to place an order.

I would say “No WAY!” I hate doing duplicate stitch and say everytime I do it, I won’t do it again. Tx for your lovely comments!

Duplicate stitch isn’t my best thing either, but I’d rather do it that way than intarsia! Really NICE work on the hat! :thumbsup:

The hat looks great, as do your stitches–duplicate and otherwise.

A question for you: Since the color motifs are close together, would fair isle have worked for this hat?

I did try fair isle first but found that they were far enough away from each other that the stitching in the back just would not stay tight so I gave up after a couple tries. Since I knit it in the round, I couldn’t use intarsia either and I discovered that after I tried that too then googled info on doing it in the round and found you can only do intarsia on flat knitting so duplicate stitch it was! lol

It does look like a good fair isle project. You just need to learn to catch the floats on those longer areas. However you did a great job on the duplicate stitch! I’m sure he’ll love it!

If I remember correctly, there is a way to do intarsia in the round. I’ve not done it yet, but I’ve read about it. Here’s a search I did on YouTube for it:

Thanks for the info Jan. I have only done one fair isle project and it was a dog sweater. I looked up info on catching the floats so I know how from now on. Thanks again.

Great hat! You deserve an A for the wonderful knitting and extra credit for figuring out how to make it work. So I consider it an A+ job. I really does look fantastic!

Oh good for you! I use two handed fair isle and learned about that and catching floats from the site.

It definitely gets the message across. Duplicate stitch can be hard to get perfect. Nice hat for the Notre Dame fan.

Very nice! Lovely knitting!

Cheer cheer for Old Notre Dame AND YOUR KNITTING! Really nice!!!

I know what you mean about duplicate stitch. I have never really gotten the hang of it. Nevertheless, the hat is great! Excellent job!