Nothing to do about it?

I am knitting this scarf

The sides are curling really bad, it’s too late to add a border. In the picture on the pattern you can see that it curls in some but mine is about 3 inches wide when it is laying down (9 inches when flattened out). There may be nothing I can do about it but if anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it.

I’m using acrylic yarn so it won’t block.

Here’s a picture of it.

It looks like the model’s scarf curls, too. I bet when it’s laid flat it’s just like your’s.

You might be able to add a border after it’s done.

Thanks Ingrid!!! :muah:

I’ve never added a border after something was finished. I’ll check to see if there is a video on it.

You can try blocking it. I’ve had fairly good success. Pin the scarf to a stable surface that can take iron steam heat. Place pressing cloth or similar over it. Run iron, on steam setting, over the scarf WITHOUT touching it. Just so the heat penetrates the cloth and reaches the scarf. Keep shaping scarf with your fingers. Leave to cool and dry.

Or, you can pin scarf to shape on flat surface like dressmaker’s cutting board, (covered with plastic sheeting) and spritz til almost wet. Keep shaping as it dries.

Good luck.


I’ll have to wash it anyway, I’ll probably try to dry it pinned to a surface on the table. Maybe it will stay straight long enough for me to give it to him.:teehee:

Try steaming a swatch, if you like the result you can do it to the scarf.