'Nother newbie question (weaving in ends)

I just finished knitting the two rectangles for the toddler poncho. I made it out of Caron’s Simply Soft (a pale minty green color). I attempted to weave in the first tail of yarn on the first rectangle, and it shows. :?eyebrow: I was very careful to go in a diagonal direction, as neatly as I could, but when I hold up the rectangle, I can clearly see the yarn tail line.

This is only my third project, and the first two were with bulky yarn scarves, so it was easy to hide the yarn tails. I realize this is probably the simplest step of knitting, but I still need advice. :??

I found this article to be very helpful–I don’t know if it will make things too bulky for your poncho, but it hides the yarn well. And I don’t think weaving is the simplest step! It took me forever on a sweater with lots of tails to weave.

Mer, thank you SO much! I’ve not yet attempted it, but just read the article, and it’s written very concisely and the photos make it very clear what she’s saying to do. I think I’ll be able to follow along with no problems. I’m happy! :cheering: