Note to forum members

There has been a huge leap in the number of spammers probably due to the holidays coming. Go ahead and use the report button to let us know. We are removing them as fast as we can so please be patient. There probably will be some here overnight so they’ll be removed in the AM.:hug:

I logged in to say THANK YOU to all of our forum members! :waving: We appreciate your helpful EYES on our forum and for reporting SPAMMERS so quickly! We couldn’t do it without you!

I’ve personally given THE BOOT to a half dozen spammers in the past 2 days due to your helpful reporting! I’m sure the other moderators have, too!

Hugs, :hug:


More like a dozen or two…

By the time I went to bed I had banned nearly 30. It’s crazy!

Yeah, they mostly seem to be from poland - what’s with that?

Just for kicks I kept track yesterday of just the ones I banned. Here’s the breakdown. Not all of them are ones who actually posted. I get a lot of them before they have a chance. Before this new influx the majority seemed to be from Pakistan, Indonesia, Phillipines and Vietnam.

Russian Federation-4

JAN…YOU ROCK!!! You’ve got your Moderator Mojo rollin’!

Sheesh! I promise to keep an eye out for weird stuff and report it and you all can sort it out!

Keep up the good work Mod Squad, I love how your clean up is always so swift…spam infiltration cammo gear on, ready to report all infiltrating spammers to Mod Squad sniper division :hmm:

We shall fight on the general threads, we shall fight on the question threads, we shall fight in the creation posts and in the reply posts, we shall fight in the forum; we shall never surrender. :grrr:

We have the absolute best MODs around. We don’t thank you enough…but, nobody makes spam evaporate quicker than y’all.:notworthy:

As Dirty Harry would say, locked 'n loaded: “Make my day.”

DOWN WITH SPAMMERS! :evil: :fingerwag:

Having reported many of these threads myself, I know that the spam count is up.

I could have reported more of them, but I refuse to wait 43 more seconds just to satisfy the forum’s software requirement that there be 60 seconds between reported posts. When one is on here late at night Pacific time or early in the morning, there are very few new posts. When three out of the seven New Posts are spam, and the only word one is typing is “spammmmm,” it simply does NOT take 60 seconds for a Report.

Can the reporting interval be shortened? Yesterday, I could have reported two for sure and probably three, but needed to get on with a forum where I am a moderator, so clocked out after the second would-be report gave me the response, “The forum software requires 60 seconds between reported posts.”

Talk about demoralizing! Jeez. :sad:


Hehe, thats what Im talking about. :yay:

Don’t worry about it DCM. Usually if one of us finds one spammer we look for others. Last winter when we had the last barrage of spammers Sheldon set up blocks to keep them down and it worked pretty well. Apparently they’ve learned to get around it or the blocks failed when KH changed servers. I’m sure he’ll be working on it soon if he’s not already. :thumbsup:

Hey, while you report a lot of them, there’s several other people also reporting at the same time. So don’t feel bad, you’re a good deputy mod.

Remember the year (was it last year?) when the spammers were posting porn? Ewww. At least this year it seems to be strictly commercial [U]items[/U]. We stayed up all night keeping watch on the porn spammers so that our members wouldn’t wake up to GROSS SIGHTS.

Some places require verification of email adresses, did I need to do that here? One place wouldn’t even let me register with a yahoo email unless I contacted them, assured them I was a real person who wanted to participate, and then I guess they could do something to make the software accept my email. I used another, as I recall. Anyhow, long story-short (too late?) I guess you do what you have to do.

I think it’s spam season, I’ve noticed lots more in my yahoo email lately, then those stop showing up and another set soon takes their place. I’ll never understand the idiots who spam.

Thank you, mods, for such a terrific job. :cheering: :thumbsup:

Last year after the holidays we had a tons of them and Sheldon set up some sort of thing so that only real people could register. That kept down the riffraff, but I suspect something’s not working right with the blocks he set up. I’m thinking it was when the forum was switched to a new server, but I could be wrong about that. I’m sure he’s trying to fix it now.