Not your run of the mill baby patterns?

my freind just told me shes expecting, and i would like to knit her a few things but shes not your avrage joe, i think shed would like something a litlle bit diffrent a something you know? any one got any idears or patterns id be most thankfull.

Anoukfrom Knitty is a fun knit for baby girls.

If you don’t know whether she’s having a boy or girl, how about a knitted teddy bear?

Here’s a few I have bookmarked;

That’s a great site, Jan! Thanks for sharing. I just bookmarked it and can’t wait to pick a pattern.


You’re welcome! Isn’t that coat called “darling” just adorable! I wish I had a little girl to knit for. :pout:

i bet you can find some interesting hat patterns:

bunny beanie:

cupcake hat:

umm im sorry but we dont know the sex of the baby (i hope its a boy ) so any less girly? tho awwww dasy so cute.

I like vintage baby patterns, because the patterns are different from the run-of-the-mill stuff you see.

You might want to check online or on eBay for vintage baby patterns. That’s what I did.

I mean, baby sizes are consistent through the years. They are always good.

i really am tempted to make this one for a friend with a new baby in china. it’s definitely different. the front panel buttons in and can be removed and even replaced if it gets a horrendous stain…as babies are prone to make. :wink:

Thanks for the great sites. I liked the patterns too.:happydance:

but the bunny pattern is being modeled by a [B]boy[/B] :shifty:

i can see what u mean, though

thanks for all the help!still dont know the sex but as soon as i do ill ask for boy or girl patterns get ready. oh and looking on bay was a fantastic idea!

I just made a baby blanket adapted from this pattern:

I would have loved to have made it with the exact same yarn as in the pattern, but couldn’t get it here. I think it’s fun, plus it’s good for a boy or a girl.

So I am kind of a feminist. I definitely don’t knit pink things for girls or blue things for boys. But there is a cute sweater called Chaos on the website that is a lot of fun. It is a random cable pattern and is meant for a little one. They show it on a boy, but it would be just fine for a boy or girl if done in a neutral or gender-neutral color. I made it in a dark blue heather and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. I have also taken basic baby button down tops (like a Debbie Bliss design) and made each piece of the top a different but complementary color (which has helped me get rid of some of the yarn stash) and it makes a colorful and gender-neutral top. For instance, the back panel is gray, left front panel -blue, right front panel -yellow, left sleeve -lime green, right sleeve -turquoise. OK, sounds bad in writing, but put together with some colorful buttons and it is a fun top for a little one. At least you can get a project on its way before you find out the baby’s gender. Several of my friends are pregnant and have complained that everyone is sending blue or pink stuff the minute they find out the gender, but I recommend making them something different because they will definitely use it and likely keep it to put on the next child they have. Good luck.


wow! The replaceable front panel is a great idea, especially if made in complementary colors and different patterns. It’s like a “Showing off my new cool swatch” sweater… though I suppose sweaters are for showing off babies, not the other way around. :angelgrin:

Here is a [COLOR=blue]vintage pattern[/COLOR] I have for some baby booties, a bonnet, and a cardigan. I know the bonnet would probably be too girly, but the cardigan and booties look unisex. There are also a lot of [COLOR=blue]vintage baby patterns[/COLOR] if you scroll down a bit. Hope that helps!

i have some bookmarked
you have to register at this one, but you get loads of free patterns
i have made the next link, the jumper and the shorts. they both knitted really quickly and really easily. it says for a 6 month old, but i did it in 4ply yarn and the jumper would fit a new born nicley i think (my sons cuddly monkey is actually wearning it and he’s a giid size lol)
then theres the booties, i have been told by a lady who has knitted theses booties that there is no agrter st at the top of the bootie. she did show me a photo of the finished booties, personally i think they are far far nicer without

hope these help as they are uni sex


Not free, but have you seen this one?? I think I’m going to buy just the pattern myself. :inlove:

This set looks cute

Jan – Thank you for posting that site!! The patterns on it are great – I swear that i wasn’t looking for anythign to knit, and I endd up printing until I ran out of paper! Now my to-knit pile will officially take me longer than my lifetime to complete!!:lol: