Not understanding raglan pattern (Julissa sweater)

Thanks for advance for anyone who can help me “get” this.

I have a naive question as a new raglan knitter. I already knit the yoke, placed my markers for the various panel sections, and am now at the “shape raglan” section. I’m making the Julissa sweater, which there’s a good picture of on this forum. (See FO:Julissa Sweater, since I’m unable to post a link here in my 1st post.)

I looked at the chart for cable panel rd 1, and see there are 32 stitches there. I also see that I’m going to increase by 8 sts. this round as explained in the pattern. But where do all the other stitches come from to fill in the rest of the round?

When I’m outside the panel sections, do I just follow the stitch pattern as it last was when I set the markers?

Is there a good place online to get a quick education on how raglan works before I continue?

Thanks in advance for your input and ideas! :heart:

Yes, keep to the stitch pattern, you would inc before and after the 4 markers which makes the 8 increase stitches.

Basically that’s all there is to raglan shaping - 2 incs at each of the 4 markers every other round. The rest of the sts between the markers are done in the stitch pattern. Your 32 st cable pattern would be centered in the sections, and the rest of the sts outside the panel are in stockinette. Looking at the pattern’spictures can help you see what’s going on too.

THanks Sue! This is a brand new world to me, and the patterns seem to be made for those in the know.