Not understanding patterns

Hi, I’ve been knitting a little over a year, and I’ve knitted scarves, and other beginner like things, but now I’m trying to do this scarf but the pattern is confusing me.
"Row 1 [RS]: K2.

Row 2 [WS]: Sl 1, p1.
Row 3 [RS]: K3."

I mean, I understand what it is saying, cast on 20, done… Knit two…well…then what? Do I just stop there? I don’t understand. Do I just go onto the next row after knitting two? But isn’t that then on the same row? confusion or do I repeat the instructions? but then that doesn’t make sense… I don’t understand why I don’t get this. I’m about to cry >_< T_T

There should be more to it. Usually it will say something about repeating.

What is the name of the pattern and link to it if possible. There are just so many patterns that it helps us if you give us a little more info.

Ah yes here it is:

Perhaps I’m not understanding the instructions well enough ><’’ umm I’m trying to make this for my bf’s birthday, it’s something he’d like (different colors of course) so perhaps I’m stressing myself too much @@

that’s because if I’m not mistaken this pattern is entrelac knitting and you’re doing short rows…so you knit the 2 then turn the work and sl1, p1…turn k3…if you watch videos for entrelac knitting it will make more sense

Oh, CO however many sts the pattern says. Then k2, turn and do R2, which is slip 1, k1; turn and do R 3 which is knit the first 2 sts then 1 more from the CO sts. Work those 3 sts on R 4, then on R 5, knit over the 3 sts and one more from the CO.

You’re going to do a few triangles with the CO sts, then the next section picks up sts from the edges of them and fills in the spaces between with blocks. This is entrelac and there’s tutorials here that can probably help you out seeing what’s going on.

ah, thank you guys so much!!! I’ll check the tutorials and videos out. ^^ i didn’t quite understand that entrelac I thought it was just a fancy word lol… it’s my fault blushes in embarrassment

Thanks again <3

Entrelac is a knitting technique of knitting short rows on the diagonal. It comes from the French word meaning ‘interlace’ and the knitting looks woven.