Not understanding pattern

I am so bad at interpreting patterns:

setup row (RS) sl1 wyf, k7, p1, knit 3, place marker, knit10, pm, knit 20, pm, knit 10, pm, knit 3, p1, k6, sl 1 wyf, k1.

next row (ws): sl 1 wyf, k1, p6, k1, purl to last 9 sts, k1, p6, sl 1 wyf, k1.

Next row ( inc, RS): *work in patt to m, LL1, sm, LR1; rep from *3 more times, work in patt to end -8 sts inc’d

work 1 WS even

it says work in pattern. what pattern?


It’s the pattern of knit and purl sts that you’ve worked on the set up row and on the following ws row. There’s a column of single purl sts on the each end of the rs rows (knit on the ws rows) that are 8sts in from the ends. Continue that pattern with the stockinette stitch background.