Not to make you all jelly- jam but

I ordered the Knitpicks set of needles Wed. PM…I figured hey I just got a big raise and bonus so what does it matter if I dont have TIME to knit!..well, I GOT THEM YESTERDAY!!! WEEE MEEEE!!! The only thing I am unhappy with is that I didnt go ahead and order the 13, 15, and 17’s!!! I screwed them all in, no problems with any of them. Once I get myself organized, the Boyes are going on the block. I just DON’T LIKE THEM. UGH.

I got some Parade yarn on sale too.

Now I am REALLY wanting some kind of organizational unit. I put away all the scrapbook stuff that has been out since May in the living room (for #1 son’s graduation party book and displays)…whoever it was who posted the shoe holder idea, that is a great one! I have also found some trunks online that look pretty good.

Woo HOO! New needles are so fun. I’m surprised you got them so quickly…when they very first came out there was a couple week wait since they were so popular.

Kat, do they knit as well as addi turbos? Because I’ve been eyeing those for a while. I’ve sort of been waiting for a review of them before investing in the whole shebang.

Shebang. The word looks so dirty when one types it. :shock:

I’m eventually going to have to purchase another set of those needles. My daughters have discovered that they like them too and we keep stealing each other’s needles from their projects. They love the heavier weight of the needles and how easily everything glides on them. They also love the flexible cables that don’t coil like traditional cables. KP did a great job with these and we :heart: them!