Not The Time To Make A Mistake

It’s a tragic story, however, the mistake makes it hilarious. Definitely not the time to make a mistake!

I heard about this, but hadn’t actually seen it. You are right not a funny situation. It looks like something that would be in a movie!

:rofl: Sorry, but it is funny.

:teehee: I like the comment on You Tube: “The hamster was framed”

I do hope that the finding of the actual suspect brings peace to that girl’s family though.


OMG- that was funny! Not Molly Bish’s murder, but the hampster…

At first I thought it HAD to be a joke! The anchor woman handled it very well, but, for a moment there she looked like she wanted to crack up too!

Hilarious! The guy is a RAT!!! :roflhard:


Yep, I laughed too… and feel guilty… :oops: but it’s funny…
I wonder if anyone got fired or at least chewed out…

OMG, I must be the devil himself bc I burst out laughing. Please, don’t hurt me God~


I must admit, I keep watching it and each time, somehow, it gets funnier :teehee:

Okay, I’m sorry. How did that anchorwoman not crack up? She must be good!! I’m afraid I would have been rolling on the floor. Who knows what she did after they went to commercial!

I was wondering that too. And yes, I must admit I also laughed a little. I’m going to hell.