Not sure where to shop online?

I haven’t been knitting for a year or so because of bad tendonitis, but thanks to a recent surgery I’m hoping to use knitting as a gentle physiotherapy and hopefully will be able to get back into it. The last time I ordered yarn online I ordered from a site that does not seem to be there anymore.

I specifically want to buy a few spools of Cascade Eco Duo to finish a cowl I started a couple years ago.

Can anyone give me suggestions for some reputable online shops that ship to Canada? Thanks!

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Webs yarn and Jimmy Beans both ship to Canada and have the Cascade Eco Duo. You might try Love Knitting. All are good yarn sources.
Good for you for finishing up that cowl.

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Yarn Canada is also a good online store. It’s based in the Vaughn area (north of Toronto) and has a great selection of yarns… However I prefer Love Knitting for patterns… They have a huge selection and lots of free patterns. I don’t find there is a big difference in the price between the US stores and Yarn Canada. For me, the big difference is the shipping. It takes between 7-10 days for shipping for me for the USbased stores. I will have to look at the other two Salmonmac suggested… Always great to have lots of options!!!


It turned out that Loveknitting just become Lovecrafts, but the color I needed was out of stock with them so I checked the other websites you suggested and found that they had 2 hanks of the Cascade Eco Duo in Moccasin on WEBS. :slight_smile: It was even a couple dollars cheaper.

I had actually finished this cowl once upon a time but I felt that it wasn’t deep enough and decided I would rip back halfway and either do 1.5 or double the pattern to make it deeper, but I knew I needed more yarn. I never found more at the store I originally bought from, and then eventually I stopped knitting for my wrist. I’m committed now, considering the 2 hanks were $19/each. I’m so looking forward to having this cowl finished for this winter.


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Yarn Canada is a good option to shop online. You must check out this. I am sure you are going to love it.

Another Canadian source is The Yarn Guy -

It’s in Toronto and if you can get there, they have a warehouse that is stacked with yarn. Not all nice and pretty shelving like a LYS, but fun to peruse.