Not sure what this phrase in the pattern means

I am doing a hat pattern (the coronet hat in the patterns section of this website), and I have the braided band done (it looks like a headband right now). I will knit the “cap” part of the hat so it is knitted to the band around in a circle.

The pattern says “[I]with wrong side of band facing[/I] and using circular needles pick up…”

With the wrong side of the band facing what? Facing me? Facing each other? I assume it means with it facing me (so that the wrong side is turned to the “outside” of the circle), because at the end I will flip the band up so that the correct side is facing outwards to be seen (and I assume to hide the knit edge where it connects).

Anyone know which side the wrong side of the band will face? Me (aimed out) or each other (aimed in)? :frog:

Yes typically when it says with wrong side facing or with right side facing, it means facing you.

The wrong side would be the inside of the hat. I recently made a hat this way. I find picking up stitches is a challenge, be careful to space them sort of evenly. Don’t worry which part of a stitch you’re pickingup, it works however.

Thank you! So the wrong side will face me, and the right side will be inside the circle. Thanks again!! Sometimes these patterns are confusing.