not sure what the latest "what'cha knittin'" post has been from me, so here's a few things since spring...

seahawks lace chemo hat for mom’s cousin carol

girlfriend market bag for mom’s friend shirley

washcloths just for a mindless project

autumnal socks using cascade heritage

bright stripe socks, using upside down fleegle heel, just for fun

Wow, X, beautiful work, as ever. The chemo cap looks so cheery and soft.
You have a wonderful eye for color.

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I’m knitting a scarf at the moment also still knitting a White jumper .

Beautiful scarf! Are you following a pattern? It’s going to look fabulous on.

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Hi there ,Thanks for your nice comments.
Its a pattern that I found on YouTube called one row repeat ,multiple of 4 plus 2 .
its easy to do and looks very different when used with different yarns and different size needles .
I’ve already finished one in black yard on bigger needles for my son .
I’ve added a picture below

this is the black scalf

Perfect! I’m sure your son will love it.

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Yes he loves and so does my husband he’s asked me to knit the same but a bit longer

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This is my finished projectl

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So beautiful! It’s a lovely, interesting stitch pattern. It’ll be a pleasure to wear.

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